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Tuition fees must be paid using cashless transfers. You may pay by credit card in the school’s Accounting Department, or independently from your bank account by generating a bill or security deposit for pupil’s tuition.

Below is a programme, which allows you to create your own bill. In order to create a bill, you need to type the surname and the name of your child in the «Student’s name» graph. In the graph «Payment type» select the payment purpose (tuition fee, security deposit, registration fee). In the graph «Year» select the class, in which your child studies. In the graph «Payment for:» select the period you would like to pay for (1st tranche, 2nd tranche, 3rd tranche or payment per annum). Next, click the «Generate a bill (PDF)» button.

Please note that in case of late payment the penalty per each calendar day of delay is calculated automatically as 0.1% of the debt. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Accounting Department on +7 727 355 01 00.

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