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Key Stage 5

DRESS CODE Sixth Form – Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13)

Haileybury Almaty’s objective in establishing a smart dress code for Sixth Form is to enable our students to project the high standard that is in keeping with the needs of our school. Both male and female students are expected to wear professional dress.

The photographs shown below of our students illustrate the dress code.


The following dress code applies in the Sixth Form:


  • Shirt - White or light blue – plain, or with discrete stripe. House tie
  • Suit or or jacket/trouser — navy blue, black or grey, of conventional style and plain design. Jackets must be worn around the school and can be taken off in the classrooms and at lunch.
  • Pullover — V neck: navy blue, black or grey– plain, smart style. Optional- to be worn in addition to the suit jacket not instead of.
  • Shoes - black or brown leather — plain style with a heel between 1 and 2 cm. Trainers not allowed.
  • Socks - plain: navy blue, black, grey or brown
  • Coat - navy blue, black or grey, no slogans/logos
  • Boys are expected to be clean shaven. Hair must be clean and tidy and of reasonable length above the collar.
  • Jewellery is not permitted – wrist watch is allowed.


  • Suit (trousers or skirt) - navy blue, black or grey — in plain design. The jacket must be worn with an appropriate top, plain tights and shoes. Jackets must be worn around the school and can be taken off in the classrooms and at lunch.
  • Skirt/trousers — navy blue, black or grey – smart, conventional style. Skirts must be knee length and shirts must be tucked in. Skirts should be no shorter than the top of the knee whilst stood up.
  • Collared, conventional blouse – white, cream, or light blue – not low cut or ‘off the shoulder’. It is inappropriate for blouses to be low cut or too short so that they cannot be tucked into the trousers or skirt. Blouses should not be see-through.
  • Smart pullover/cardigan (optional- in addition to suit jacket, not instead of) — navy blue, black or grey– plain.
  • Shoes - navy, grey, black or brown leather — plain style, low heeled due to health and safety. They should be sensible (shoes must have a heel of no more than 3 cm). Shoes without backs are not permitted. No Ugg- style, casual or non-conventional boots. Ankle boots only to be worn with trousers.
  • Tights - navy blue, black, brown, flesh, or grey -plain. No leggings or patterned tights.
  • Coat - navy blue, black, or grey, no logos/slogans
  • Hair must be clean and tidy. Girls must wear long hair tied back during the school. Smart conventional appearance is also expected in both the style and length of hair. Make-up is permitted yet should be subtle and delicate. Jewellery is permitted. Only one fine chain with a small hanging pendant one pair of small ear studs in the ear lobes; one wrist watch; one simple ring. Dangly earrings and facial jewellery is not acceptable.
  • Casual clothes such as denim jackets, jeggings, jeans and T-shirts are not acceptable. Girls must not wear exceptionally short, tight skirts in stretch material or tight trousers.
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