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Младшая школа

Welcome to Haileybury Almaty Primary School where we use the National Curriculum and adapt it to make the units of work relevant to our students and location. Our maximum class size of 22, combined with our professional and well qualified teaching staff allows us to pursue high standards of academic excellence. We have Teaching Assistants in every class and have specialist teachers in P.E, Music, Art and Languages.

Our high expectations are achieved through the Haileybury Habits, helping our pupils to be resilient, resourceful, courageous, inquisitive, organized, and reflective. There is a strong emphasis on pupils having a positive attitude to learning and displaying these «habits» in all that they do. A full Extra-Curricular Activity (ECA) programme allows pupils a range of opportunities to experience new things and develop a range of new skills outside of the classroom.

Throughout the Primary Sschool we also have extra support from additional teachers to provide specific language interventions. Our curriculum is strengthened by the inclusion of many curriculum enrichment events such as Poetry Week, Book Week,

We are extremely proud of our pupils and their achievements. I encourage you to take the time to look around the website and find out more about our wonderful Primary School.

 Mathew Aston, Head of Primary

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