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Our reward system encourages pupils to work hard and make a full contribution to our school community. Our school has a wide range of rewards but some of the most important include:

Yellow Tickets: Are awarded to recognise improvement as well as achievement in academic work.

Blue Tickets: Are awarded to recognise service to others, particularly when that service is beyond what would routinely be expected. Prizes are awarded by the Headmaster to pupils who win significant numbers of Blue Tickets and Yellow Tickets.

House System: We highly value our house system as a means to motivate and rewards pupils for their academic, extra curricular and community achievements. The house points system is highly competitive and achievements are celebrated in monthly whole school assemblies, special end of term assemblies and ultimately on our annual Graduation and Speech Day. Our house system also provides pupils with outstanding attitudes and leadership skills to be appointed as «house captains».

Attendance: Attendance is very important as we know there is a positive relationship between attendance and academic achievement. Individual and class attendance is again highly competitive and celebrated in weekly assemblies. Pupils with 100% attendance and the class with the highest attendance are rewarded with «school canteen queue jumps», class trophies, cinema days, prizes and much more. 

Non-Uniform Days: Pupils can be rewarded with non-uniform days which are also used to reward pupils for their acehviements. Money raised from non-uniform days are used to support the school’s international and local charities. 

Pen-Licenses: We recognise the importance of pupils being able to develop their writing skills both in terms of a life skill and as their public examinations in secondary school are handwritten. Pupils are therefore coached and encouraged from an early age to develop their handwriting skills, with pupils attaining a high level of writing being rewarded in assembly with «pen licenses». These are highly valued and celebrated by pupils, staff and parents. 

Reading Quest: Developing a love and ability to read efficiently and effectively is a key priority for our school. Pupils are strongly encouraged to read through a variety of methods in class and as a key part of their homework. Pupils completing a high level of reading are awarded certificates in weeks assemblies. 

Pupil of the Week: Pupils are encouraged to demonstrate the Haileybury Habits in their academic and extra curricular activities. Each week one pupil from each class in key stage 2 is awarded a «pupil of the week»award for outstanding achievement in one of more of the Haileybury Habits. Pupils’ parents are invited to celebrate these achievements/. Pupils and parents invited to take coffee and cake with the Headmaster after assembly as a special reward. 

Whole School Assemblies: Pupils showing good attitudes or achievements are always presented with special certificates in whole school assemblies. Activities rewarded are wide ranging including olympiads, sports, music examinations and much more.

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