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Английский язык

The English Department at Haileybury Almaty aims to foster pupils' enthusiasm for English literature and language learning, drawing on a range of texts from a variety of ages, sources and cultures. The department is committed to promoting life-long learning through developing pupils' potential as inquiring, risk-taking and internationally-minded individuals. We utilise the United Kingdom National Curriculum to inform our curriculum and to prepare our pupils for the rigours of the IGCSE and A level studies.

Pupils learn though an engaging range of speaking and listening, reading and writing inquiry-based activities and exposure to a wide range of English texts, incluing fiction and non-fiction, poetry, print media and moving image.

After an initial English language diagnostic assessment upon entrance to the school, pupils are placed in a class appropriate to their language ability. This is reviewed regularly by the department, using class assessments and examination results to ensure that pupils remain appropriately placed.

Pupils are assessed on the following core English skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading Writing.

Susan Botcharova, Head of English



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