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Гуманитарные науки


Pupils are taught how to handle the raw materials of History, emphasising the relative reliability and usefulness of the wide range of evidence at the historian‚ disposal. Kazakh history is a unique course that allows pupils to develop an understanding of how Kazakhstan developed overtime. It is overseen by the Kazakh Ministry of Education.


Key Stage 3 follow a modified version National Curriculum to reflect the School's international nature in order to create a sound foundation for those wishing to carry on the study of Geography to IGCSE and A Level. The course is designed to appreciate the physical and human geography of Kazakhstan, the UK and other locations around the world.


As the 21st century continues to unfold, political knowledge is fast becoming one of the most recognized subject areas that could be instrumental in addressing some of the major challenges facing the country. Our teaching encourages dialogue and debate, nurturing the capacity to interpret competing and contestable claims.

Stephen Avis, Head of Humanties



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