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Mathematics is at once the ultimate creative pursuit — mathematicians create and explore abstract worlds, seeking elegance, pattern and beauty within — and the primary tool of modern science and technology. It has been studied for millennia, for reasons both practical and poetic, and fluency with mathematical ideas is central to a diverse range of fields.

At Haileybury, we strive to provide a strong foundation of mathematical skills for all our students, and to realise the potential of each individual. In KS3, we lay a thorough foundation of algebraic, geometric and numerical skills, with and without calculators, and the 1st Form compete on our «Mad Maths Day», a day dedicated to puzzles, mathematical games and challenges.

Our KS4 students follow the Cambridge IGCSE course, which we consider a more rigorous choice than the ordinary GCSE: the syllabus includes material on calculus, functions and set theory, and is excellent preparation for AS/A2 or the International Baccaleureate. The top sets are usually accelerated, and also sit the Additional Mathematics examination. This stand-alone qualification expands on the IGCSE.

Finally, we also offer the full Further Mathematics course, which provides a very thorough foundation for university-level study in Mathematics or related subjects, and leads to a maximum of three A-Levels.

Andrew Watson, Head of Mathematics



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