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Музыка и Драма


The Music Department at Haileybury Almaty is a busy and well supported area of our school. Our many concerts, trips and events bring our achievements to the fore, and the opportunities we provide cater for musicians of every ability and level. We aim to promote the enjoyment of music-making, to enable all pupils to improve their skills and knowledge in practical and theoretical music, and to promote our school in the community. Music is a well- resourced department, housed above the school sports centre, overlooking the Astroturf, tennis courts and the magnificent Almaty Marriott Tower. It offers a spacious and well equipped working environment with 2 large teaching rooms, nine smaller teaching/ practice rooms, all fitted with an upright piano, and a state of the art music technology and recording studio.


Each year Haileybury presents a programme of drama productions that demonstrate our commitment to drama as a crucial form of creative expression. We value our smaller, internal projects that give opportunities to enthusiasts as much as we value our acclaimed high-profile productions. Professional specialists within the department offer the opportunity for pupils of all ages to direct, design, learn technical skills, act, stage manage and pursue most lines of theatre activity.

Hasmik Avdalyan, Head of Music



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