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Assessment and Reporting at KS5

Haileybury Almaty is committed to effective assessment and reporting which enables us to closely monitor the progress of students keep parents informed.

  • Homework Policy: The quality, frequency and level of challenge of homework is regularly reviewed throughout the year and to ensure that homework is set inline with the homework policy. 
  • Student Meetings: After every Key Assessment each pupil’s performance is discussed to ensure that they are making appropriate levels of progress and intervention strategies are discussed and then actioned. 
  • Key Assessments and Reports: Students in Years 12 and 13 complete two assessments during Term 1, during weeks 5-6 and 10-11. These are A-Level examination questions that are rigorously marked to A-Level standards. The results of these key assessments are reviewed during the Pupil Progress Meeting. During this meeting, attended by the Head Master, Deputy Head, Director of Studies, Head of Secondary School and Head of Sixth Form, the results are scrutinised and, where necessary, intervention and action is taken to support students who may be attaining below their minimum target grade. Parents receive a full report at the end of Term 1 and another full report at the end of Term 2.
  • Professional Development: Teachers and Tutors are actively supported by Haileybury Almaty in their professional development. This is done through teacher training days, access to online courses and seminars, attending professional development courses and inviting speakers to give presentations and workshops.
  • Mock Examinations: Students in Years 12 and 13 complete their mock examinations at the start of Term 2. The results of these examinations are reviewed in a further Pupil Progress Meeting and action is taken if required.
  • Parents' Evenings: Parents’ Evening takes place during Week 8 of Term 1, immediately after the Pupil Progress Meeting. At the Parents Evening, parents receive a short report. The second Parents’ Evening takes place shortly after the mock examinations and the third Pupil progress Meeting. Parents receive a report of the mock examination results.
  • Attitude Towards Learning: Students in Years 12 and 13 are also closely monitored in terms of their Attitudes Towards Learning (ATLs). These are also given when key assessments take place, are included in the reports to parents and are closely scrutinised in the Pupil Progress Meetings as indicative of the effort and attitude of the student in their A-Level subjects. 
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