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Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) are an important part of life at Haileybury. The education of the ‘whole person’ is at the core of our British and school values. The purpose of extra-curricular activities is to provide pupils with opportunities to develop their skills or interests beyond the curriculum. ECAs include a range of specialized sports coaching, clubs and opportunities for pupils to experience new activities.

ECAs are offered every day (besides Wednesdays) during the school week at lunchtimes and after school. A range of sporting, music, cultural activities are offered for pupils of all abilities. Pupils are strongly encouraged to take part in at least two activities each week. Most activities are offered by Haileybury Almaty’s teaching staff free of charge, although there may be a charge for specific activities coached by visiting specialists.

Pupils who choose to participate in the extra-curricular programme must accept that:

  • Academic work must come first. It is expected that pupils work consistently to the best of their academic ability and that they meet the academic standards set by their teachers.
  • It is an honour, not a right, to represent Haileybury Almaty at fixtures with other schools and outside events. This privilege may or may not be granted to all pupils.
  • In order to participate in an extra-curricular activity, pupils must be in school for the whole day of the activity, the exception being school-related absence.
  • Behaviour during ECAs is to be of the highest standard. This positive behaviour is expected when away from school, as well as at home events.

Further details can be downloaded here:

Timetable Secondary School

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